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Student News - December 2014

MatSE Holiday Party

All MatSE students, faculty, and staff are invited to our annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 11, from 3:00-4:30 p.m. in the first floor hallway of the Materials Science and Engineering Building. Take a break before finals begin and enjoy some free food!

December Graduates

The MatSE Department congratulates students who will be graduating at the end of this semester. We wish you well as you enter the job market or continue on to graduate school. If you will be graduating, please notify Cindy Brya of your post-graduation plans. Once you get settled in, we need your new contact information (address, phone number, email) so that we can add you to our alumni mailing list. Alumni receive newsletters from the department twice a year.

Keramos News

The next Keramos General Meeting is 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 3, in room 218 Ceramics. Two speakers from McKinley Health Center and CARE (Center of Academic Resources for Engineers) will be at the meeting to discuss how to handle finals and the resources available during this stressful time. Keramos will also have elections for our Professional Chair and Herald!  Food will be provided.

Coffee for finals! Keramos is willing to donate a coffee machine to the Ceramics Computer Lab during finals (starting on Reading Day) to help caffeinate students without having to deal with the cold. Small disposable cups will be available, but we encourage you to bring your mugs!

On February 15, 1915, our organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was nationally recognized as the Keramos-Alpha Chapter. Since then, our chapter has grown to nearly 150 members as a professional society. To celebrate 100 years, please join us on Saturday, February 21, at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign. Tickets are currently $10 per student, but don't delay!  Please go to our website (http://keramosillinois.org/centennial-celebration) for more information. 

Award nominations due

Nominate a student or professor for a 2014-2015 Engineering Council Award. Awards include the Engineering Council Outstanding Contribution Scholarship, the William L. Everitt Award, the Andrea J. Culumber Award, the William R. Schowalter Award, and the Stanley H. Pierce Award. This is an amazing opportunity to be recognized for the contributions that you have made to the College of Engineering. This is also a great way to distinguish yourself from your peers in the eyes of faculty, staff, and potential employers. Applications are due Friday, December 5. Applications are located on awards.ec.illinois.edu. Click on the awards tab and apply for these awards today!

REU at Multiple locations

The Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) is accepting applications for summer internship positions at UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Florida International University, and University of Texas at El Paso. The E3S Summer Research Program is a 9-week program that introduces energy efficient electronics science to undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in science and engineering. Summer interns have the opportunity to join E3S researchers working in a collaborative and innovative environment to make fundamental breakthroughs in the underlying physics, chemistry, and material science of electronics systems. Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, and non-graduating seniors who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a minimum GPA of 3.25. The program runs from June 7-August 8, 2015. Application deadline: January 30. Learn more at: www.e3s-center.org/research/

For additional information, tune in to the online webinar to learn more about the application process: Wednesday, December 3, at 1:00 pm. RSVP online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015E3SREUWebinar

REU at U-Michigan

The Center for Photonics and Multiscale Nanomaterials at the University of Michigan will host an undergraduate research program from June through August. ​Engineering and science students with broad interests across disciplines are encouraged to apply. Undergraduates taking part in this ten-week program will receive hands-on research experience​ ​in nanophotonics, nanomaterials, or nanophysics. The research projects are designed and supervised by the faculty and graduate students. A research symposium, attended by all C-PHOM high school and undergraduates along with undergraduates from Physics, Bio-Physics, and Nanotechnology summer research experiences, is held in August to allow participants the opportunity to present their work to their peers in a concise scientific presentation. ​Participants also must complete a written report, akin to a research paper, summarizing the findings of their research projects​​. This report is used to aid the students with applying for NSF Graduate Fellowships. Participants receive a $​4,500 stipend, plus housing and meals​. Full participation in the site program, research symposium and final reporting is mandatory. Deadline: February 1. Program information is available online: ​ http://cphom.engin.umich.edu/education-and-outreach/research-experience-for-undergraduates/

REU at Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt Institute for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (VINSE) brings ten students each summer to campus to work closely with VINSE faculty on research projects in cutting edge areas of nanoscale science and engineering. Students will receive a $5,000 stipend, room and board, plus a $500 travel allowance to offset the cost of getting to Nashville, TN. U.S. citizenship is required. The program runs from May 24-July 31. Deadline: February 15. Apply online: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/vinse/reu/

REU in Chemistry

The U of I Department of Chemistry is offering an REU program in summer 2015. They particularly seek students who have not previously conducted research, are members of underrepresented groups (including women), or are first-generation college attendees. Because of high demand for this program in prior years, applicants should be planning to obtain a B.S. degree in chemistry or related fields between January 1, 2016, and August 31, 2017. The scholarship provides a $5,000 stipend, Housing at Europa House in Urbana, round trip travel cost (up to $800), and an $800 living allowance. Students are required to have at least two semesters of organic chemistry lecture and laboratory. They should also be inclined to pursue graduate studies in chemistry. Applications may be made at the website http://chemistry.illinois.edu/reu/. Applications must be received before February 15 in order to receive full consideration. Letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline.

REU-Engineering Education

The Summer Experience in Education Research (SEER) Program at Olin College in Needham, MA, is an NSF-funded program for undergraduate students and K-12 teachers who are US citizens or permanent residents. The program runs June 1 to August 7. Application deadline: February 17. Apply online at http://www.olin.edu/content/apply-seer-program/

Undergrad Conference Travel Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) at the University of Illinois is pleased to announce its Spring 2015 competition for conference travel grants to subsidize the presentation of undergraduate research at professional conferences. Proposals should be submitted at https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/7484726 by December 11. In order to apply, students will need to have information on the conference dates and location, evidence that conference participation has been confirmed, estimated expenses, and possible support from mentors and departments.  Note that Spring 2015 conference travel grants are designed for students to present their research during the Spring 2015 semester.  In addition, these conference travel grants are not designed to cover the entire cost of student participation (some departmental or college contribution is encouraged) nor can the grant be used to cover post conference participation. Questions should be directed to ugresearch@illinois.edu.

LANL Internships

Los Alamos National Lab has internships available for undergraduate and graduate students. For more information, go to http://www.lanl.gov/careers/career-options/student-internships/index.php

Rickover Fellowship

The Rickover Fellowship offered by the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program is intended to support a graduate student for three years and is usually tied to topics of interest to the NNPP. While the title of the Fellowship specifically refers to nuclear engineering, students working in Material Science and Mechanical Engineering are also encouraged to apply. Students awarded the Fellowship usually have an interest in metallurgy, corrosion, mechanical testing, materials characterization, and modeling. Note that US citizenship is a requirement for the student. The deadline for consideration for the next award cycle is January 31. More details about the Rickover Fellowship program can be found at: http://scuref.org/rfp-01

MatSE T-shirt Design Contest

Show people what MatSE is and demonstrate your love for all things MatSE by designing a t-shirt for the MatSE Department. The artist with the winning design will be featured in an upcoming student newsletter and get a free T-shirt with their design. Designs must incorporate MatSE concepts in some way, say MatSE or Materials Science and Engineering and Illinois somewhere on the shirt, and not include a date or year. Designs are due after break: January 20. Send submission artwork to sikaufm2@illinois.edu

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