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Student News - May 2014

Congratulations Graduates

The MatSE Department wishes you all the best as you enter this new phase of your life. Once you get settled into your new home, please email Cindy Brya your new home and work address and phone numbers. Alumni of the department (that's what you are now) receive an alumni newsletter twice a year. If you have not already filled out the senior survey, please do so. Graduates and their families are invited to the MatSE Graduation Lunch on Sunday, May 18, from 11:30am-1:00pm in Illini Rooms A & B of the Illini Union. Graduates will receive three free tickets, including their ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased for $10 each. Register online by May 9.

2014-15 Award recipients

Thanks to everyone who attended the MatSE Awards Banquet on April 11. The Department would like to recognize the following MatSE students who have received awards and scholarships for the upcoming academic year.

A.I. Andrews Scholarships: Michael Dimare, Kai Wells
Paul A. Beck Scholarship: Jonathan Hestroffer
Harry J. Beckemeyer Jr. Scholarship: Arjun Balwally
Clifton G. Bergeron Scholarships: Katharine Mehan, Patrick Snyder
Louis R. Berner Scholarships: Nicholas Dunlap, Sean Murray
Gerson B. Bilow Scholarship: Michael Szymanski
Robert Bohl Scholarships: Adam Brown, David Christianson, Timothy Lichtenstein, David Limberg, Renhan Wang, Xizhu Wang
Otto Sr. and Mildred Capek Scholarship: Ryan Thier
Caterpillar Scholarship: Derek Kwok
Earl J. Eckel Scholarships: Andrew Buhl, Brian Cabinian, Timothy Chiu, Seokhwan Chung, Janna Eaves, Victor Gofron, Seung Yun Heo, Min Su Kim, Kacper Lachowski, Austin Li, Palod Limsiri, Jonathan Lin, Erwin Lin, Yanfu Lu, Anna Mast, John Miller, Akshay Murthy, Nicholas Palcheck, Vijay Rajendran, Arvind Ramaiah, Cameron Rosenthal, Adriana Schoenfeldt, Yuliya Semibratova, John Smith, Liwei Song, Brian Sorich, Samuel Srajer, Hannah Taylor, Alexander Trick, Zixing Wang, Hongyi Wu, Ming Xu, Qiujie Zhao
M. Laird and Charisann Froberg Scholarships: Daniel Roper, Steven Simpkins
Phillip H. Geil Scholarship: Daniel Li
Henry E. Grein Jr. Scholarship: Brian McDonald
Donald W. Hamer Scholarship: Olivia Rogers
Doris Maroney Krumwiede Scholarship: Grace Pakeltis
Joseph and Wyvona Lane Scholarship: Jason Fleischman
Robert E. and Karen Martin Luetje Scholarship: Martin Kim
Kevin Moore Memorial Scholarship: Julia Hardy
G. Ronald and Margaret H. Morris Scholarship: Alex Kim
G. Ronald and Margaret H. Morris Opportunity Scholarship: Zachary Hoffman
James A. Nelson Scholarship: Connor Bailey
Cullen W. Parmelee Scholarships: Soham Ali, Matthew Cheng, Brendan Eng, Deepa Kote, Deepak Mani
Cullen W. Parmelee International Research Scholarships: William Andrews III, Nicole Ernat, Grace Nelson, Nicholas Sherman, Andrew Zhao
Frederick A. Petersen Scholarship: Dennis Jones
Norman L. Peterson Scholarships: Joshua Ayers, Andrew Curtis
Larry D. and Carol Rakers Scholarships: Douglas Hansel, Kenneth Jabon, Samuel Kaufman, Athena Lin, Samuel Mo, Charles Stovall
Ian and Victoria Robertson Scholarship: Nikolas Van Winkle
C. M. Wayman Scholarship: Eric Przybylski
Wert Scholarships: Tara Cullerton, Fang Jiunn Ewe, Zih-Ning He, Anahita Kagti, Diane Kuai, Chia-Han Liu, Corinne Lopes, Hao Sheng, Samantha Tatar, Laura Ward, Carrington Watkins, Yuxiao Wu, Siyi Xu, Qinglin Yang, Yiyuan Yang, Aaron Zhao, Jinpeng Zhuo, Julia Zuo, Nicole Crosby, Siyi Zhang, Ruoyan Zhang
Alfred W. Allen Awards: Soham Ali, Brian Cabinian, Matthew Cheng, Brendan Eng, Guanhua Fang, Deepa Kote, Derek Kwok, Deepak Mani, Jiechen Wang, Jinpeng Zhuo
Arthur L. Friedberg Award: Steven Shewchuk
Laird Froberg Award: Luke Shi
Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Board Award: Hui Lin Yang
Sheryl Blair Tipton Award: Stephanie Nemec


Prof. John Rogers has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the longest-standing honorary societies in the nation.

Professors Steve Granick, Angus Rockett, John Rogers, and Ken Schweizer and Dr. Matt Sherburne have received the Engineering Council Award for Excellence in Advising.

Canan Dagdeviren, PhD student in the Rogers group, has received the $20,000 Illinois Innovation Prize. The Innovation Award is given to "one student who stands out as a passionate innovator and entrepreneur, who is working with world-changing technology and is seen as a role model for others."

Qian Yin, PhD student in the Cheng group, has received a Nadine Barrie Smith Memorial Fellowship. The fellowships are for female engineering graduate students who are conducting research in the general field of medical imaging at the Beckman Institute.

Kaitlin Tyler, PhD student in the Braun group, and Jichuan Zhang, PhD student in Taekjip Ha's group (Physics), have been selected to receive the Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship from the College of Engineering.

Kriven-Keane Dinner

The Kriven-Keane dinner is an annual event that Prof. Trudy Kriven and Dr. Richard Keane host at their home for MatSE undergraduates. Over the years, the Kriven-Keane dinner has raised thousands of dollars for the MatSE student organizations. It is also widely popular with students!

Kriven dinner
Prof. Trudy Kriven prepared the meal for 14 students.

Kriven-Keane dinner
Everyone had a great time at the Kriven-Keane dinner.

Material Advantage News

Student Feedback Needed: It's time for the semi-annual gripe session. Try to fill this form out for as many MSE courses that you're taking -- including information about helpful TA's, office hours, tests, anything! This information is anonymously reported directly to the department head who makes changes based on this feedback. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1F5rHcNV4qK2GQySz3yHZxm-CjnHrlFXNomAYKnub_Ao/viewform

MA board
Congratulations to the 2014-2015 MA Officer Board

President-Meher Bharucha
Internal Vice President-Michael Wu
External Vice President-Janna Eaves
Treasurer-Alex Trick
Service-Kim Campbell & Kelsey Wu
Social-Sam Kaufman
Secretary-Athena Lin
Webmaster-Kenny Jabon
BioMat'ls Rep-Andrew Zhao
Ceramics Rep-Charlie Stovall
Electronic Mat'ls Rep-Kenny Jabon
Metals Rep-Colton Adamick
Polymers Rep-Nicole Ernat
Junior Rep-Ally Togliatti
Sophomore Rep-Nick Palcheck

Keramos News

Keramos Initiation
Initiation took place on April 13. There were 42 MatSE students inducted into Keramos. This was one of the biggest initiation classes in the past few years! Keramos celebrated the initiation with a dinner at Rosati's.

Keramos initiation
Keramos initiation class of spring 2014

Keramos at Rosatis
Celebrating initiation at Rosati's

End of the year BBQ
Take a break after your first day of finals with FREE FOOD! Keramos will be hosting a BBQ on May 10, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the Illini Grove. There will be games including frisbee and sand volleyball to help students relieve stress during finals.

MS&T National Conference Interest Meeting
Are you interested in going to MS&T?  Do you want to learn about two national competitions, the mug drop contest and the disc golf contest?  These two competitions have been known to be a great technical experience to anyone that wishes to compete against other schools.  If you are interested in going, Keramos will be hosting two informational sessions: Thursday, May 1, at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 3, at 4:00 p.m. both at Ceramics 214. Contact Mike Sarantos (saranto2@illinois.edu) if you have any questions. 


The DOW-MIT ACCESS Program is a weekend-long symposium aimed to expose underrepresented minority students to the benefits of a graduate education in the aforementioned research areas. This 6th annual event, taking place on MIT’s campus October 24 and October 25 is an interactive and informative symposium that has proven to have a lasting impact on its past participants. Applications for the fall 2014 symposium are due July 15. More information

ECS Survey

Engineering Career Services is collecting placement data from juniors, seniors, and graduate students. This data assists in the production of yearly Salary Summary and Employment Information which is used by students and employers alike to determine salary ranges and additional employment trends. Please take a minute to complete the survey: go.illinois.edu/ecsplacementsurvey

CACS Conference

The Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS) is a non-political and non-profit professional organization and the only Chinese professional organization officially recognized by ACS and AICheE (www.cacshq.org). This year the Great Lakes Chapter conference is to be held in Abbott Park, IL (north suburb of Chicago) on May 17. They would like to invite undergraduate and graduate students, postdoc fellows, professors and scholars in related majors from universities in Great Lakes area to participate. The theme of the conference is "Career Development for Chemists and Chemical Engineers." There will be plenary presentations by distinguished speakers from both industry and academia; student research presentation contest and awards, and a career fair with recruiters from Abbott, UOP, AbbVie, and other companies. Participants do not have to enter the presentation contest to register for the conference. Registration is free until May 16, and there will be a free lunch. The deadline for submitting documents for the presentation contest is May 11. Other details including online registration are available at www.greatlakecacs.org.

MatSE Jobs

Cindy Brya emails the undergrad and grad student listserves with job opportunities or internships for MatSE students. If you miss an email or accidentally delete a job posting in which you're interested, go to http://go.illinois.edu/matse_jobs. On the site, you will find current and previous job postings which Cindy has sent to students.