Soft Materials Seminars

February 14, 2017

"Polymerization of N-carboxyanhydrides in emulsion: Toward benchtop polypeptide synthesis," Ziyuan Song (Cheng)

"Stimuli-responsive polymers and their applications as a thermally switching material," by Jungwoo Shin (Cahill/Braun)

"Understanding heterogeneity in drug response of cancer cells through single-molecule imaging and cell-shape normalization," by Phuong Le (Kilian)

February 21, 2017

"Self-reporting of Mn2+ and self-stabilization of electrified interfaces," by Lihong Zhao (White)

"Material regeneration by means of multiphase microvascular flow," by Leon Dean (Sottos)

"Reversible metal-insulator transition via thermally responsive colloid-fiber composite system," by Subing Qu (Braun)

March 14, 2017