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MatSE Faculty

Abelson, John R. Emeritus Professor (active research group), Ph.D. Materials Science, Stanford, 1987
Synthesis of thin films by surface-controlled reaction to afford ultra-smooth, conformal, superconformal, or nanostructured surfaces for use in electronic, photonic, magnetic and tribological applications

Allen, Leslie H. Emeritus Professor (active research group), Ph.D. Materials Science, Cornell, 1990
thin-film physics, microelectronic processes and interfaces, micrometallurgy, photovoltaic devices, crystal growth

Averback, Robert S. Hamer Professor, Ph.D. Physics, Michigan State, 1972
ion beam modifications of materials, ion beam analysis, radiation damage, nanophase material

Bellon, Pascal Professor and Racheff Faculty Scholar, Ph.D. Materials Science, University of Paris-6, 1989
far from equilibrium materials, simulations and modeling of materials processing (energetic beams, plastic deformation), electron microscopy

Braun, Paul V. Racheff Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UIUC, 1998
materials chemistry, polymers, biomaterials, organic and inorganic self-assembly, electronic materials and photonics

Cahill, David G. Willett Professor and Head, Ph.D. Physics, Cornell, 1989
thermal energy conversion and control, nanoscale thermal transport, ultrafast science, water purification, thermal management

Chen, Qian Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UIUC, 2012
active soft matter, materials chemistry, nanoscale/mesoscale self-assembly, correlative light and liquid phase electron microscopy, plasmonics, bio-sensing and bio-imaging

Cheng, Jianjun Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar, Ph.D. Materials Science, UC-Santa Barbara, 2001   biomaterials, polymer chemistry, functional polymers, drug and gene delivery, cancer targeting

Dillon, Shen Associate Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, Lehigh University, 2007
interface science, ceramic structure-property relations, electron microscopy, electrochemical intercalation for Li-ion batteries

Economy, James Emeritus Professor (active research group), Ph.D. Chemistry, U. Maryland, 1954
synthesis and characterization of advanced composites thermosets and high surface area adsorption systems

Ferguson, Andrew Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Chemical & Biological Engineering, Princeton, 2010
biomolecular simulation, self-assembly, machine learning and dimensionality reduction, accelerated sampling, viral fitness landscapes, high-performance computing

Freund, L. B. Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Northwestern, 1967

Granick, Steve Emeritus Professor, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1982
chemistry and physics of colloids and polymers

Huang, Pinshane Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Applied Physics, Cornell, 2014
transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy, atomic scale chemical analysis, nanomaterials, 2D materials and devices, interfaces

Kilian, Kristopher A. Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Chemistry, U. New South Wales, 2007
biomaterials, surface chemistry, micro- and nano- patterning, nanostructured materials, stem cell biology, tissue engineering

Kriven, Waltraud M. Professor, Ph.D. Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, U. Adelaide, 1976
phase transformations in oxide ceramics, processing-microstructure-property relations in structural ceramics and composites, in situ high temperature synchrotron diffraction, electron microscopy, geopolymers, synthesis of oxide fibers, bioceramics

Krogstad, Jessica A. Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UC-Santa Barbara, 2012
structural materials, phase evolution, nonequilibrium processing routes, small-scale mechanical characterization, electron microscopy

Leal, Cecilia Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Lund, 2006
soft condensed matter, biomaterials, complex fluids, biomimetic materials, X-ray scattering, drug and gene delivery, lipid-nucleic acid constructs

Lewis, Jennifer A. Adjunct Professor, Sc.D. Ceramics, MIT, 1991

Martin, Lane W. Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UC-Berkeley, 2008

Maass, Robert Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2009
metals, plasticity, small-scale mechanical testing, size effects, metallic glasses, structure-property relations

Rockett, Angus Professor, Ph.D. Metallurgy, UIUC, 1986
IV, III-V, and chalcogenide semiconductors, theory of crystal growth, defects in semiconductors, contact metallurgies, solid phase reaction kinetics, surface science

Rogers, John A. Swanlund Chair, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, MIT, 1995
electroactive polymers, plastic electronics, microfluidics, elastomers, soft lithography

Schleife, André Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Physics, Friedrich-Schiller-University, 2010
theoretical spectroscopy techniques, computational materials science, semiconductor materials, electronic and optical properties, electron dynamics

Schweizer, Kenneth S. Morris Professor, Ph.D. Physics, UIUC, 1981
statistical mechanical theory of soft materials including polymers, colloids, liquid crystals, nanoparticles, rubber networks, glasses and gels

Shang, Jian Ku Associate Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UC - Berkeley, 1989
solid interfaces, composite materials, adhesion, structural ceramics, layered materials

Shim, Moonsub Associate Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar, Ph.D. Chemistry, U. of Chicago, 2001
nanoscale materials, chemistry and physics of low-dimensional systems, nanomaterial/biomolecule interfaces and hybrid structures, semiconductor nanocrystals, carbon nanotubes

Shoemaker, Daniel Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Materials Science, UC - Santa Barbara, 2010
materials chemistry, in situ synthetic reactions, magnetic and electronic properties, nanostructured materials, x-ray and neutron scattering, real-space modeling and crystallography

Sottos, Nancy R. Willett Professor, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Delaware, 1991
mechanics of complex heterogeneous materials (advanced composites, thin-film devices, smart materials); meso-scale characterization; autonomic materials systems

Trinkle, Dallas Associate Professor, Ph.D. Physics, Ohio State University, 2003
atomistic modeling of mechanical behavior of materials, defects, and defect interactions; development of computational coupling techniques to extend applicability of electronic-structure methods

Zuo, Jian-Min Professor and Racheff Faculty Scholar, Ph.D. Physics, Arizona State, 1989
thin-film growth and nanomaterials synthesis and characterization; transmission electron microscopy and diffraction; phase transitions and structure of ceramics; chemical bonding and structure-property relationship; X-ray and electron crystallography.