Our department of 24 faculty, 389 undergraduates, and 187 graduate students welcomes you. Established in 1867, we have a long tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Alumni Board

The mission of the Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Association (MatSEAA) is to foster the advancement of the MatSE Department, College of Engineering, University of Illinois and its Alumni Association. Active membership is open to all alumni of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. All past officers of the MatSEAA may serve as ex-officio members of the Board. The head of the Department is also tendered this privilege. Meetings are held twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, on the campus of the University of Illinois.

The purposes of the MatSEAA are as follows:

  • To offer and maintain mutually beneficial communications between the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and its alumni.
  • To support and encourage the continual development of a high level of excellence in teaching, research and public service by the Materials Science and Engineering faculty.
  • To encourage the continuation of the high level of creative and professional excellence which is so broadly recognized among graduates of the Department.
  • To continually strive to enhance the national and international reputation of the Department and its alumni.
  • To seek, through Departmental and alumni efforts, a high quality of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To help the Department reach out to high school students and foster their interests in the degree programs at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois.


President Britt Turkot
Vice President Kyle Wilcoxen
Executive Director Cindy Brya


Meena Banasiak BS MatSE '06, General Mills
Geoffrey Brennecka PhD MatSE '06, Colorado School of Mines
Martin Brotschul BS Cer '96, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Matt Frey BS Cer '92, PhD MatSE '96, 3M
Liang Hong PhD MatSE '07, Dow Chemical
David Moore BS Met '89, Unified Engineering, Inc.
Michael Pollard BS Met '97, MS MatSE '98, Caterpillar
Andrew Powell BS MatSE '01, GE Aviation
Stephanie Rinne PhD MatSE '06, Owens Corning
Greg Ruschau BS Cer '85, ExxonMobil
Howard Savage BS Met '84, MS Met '88, PhD Met '91, Cummins
Robert Schwartz PhD Cer '89, University of Missouri System
Britt Turkot BS Met '90, MS Met '92, PhD MatSE '96, Intel Corporation
Kyle Wilcoxen BS MatSE '06, ACH Food Companies, Inc.


James Burk BS Met '73, MS Met '74, PhD Met '78, B.P. Exploration
Ray Capek BS Cer '58, MS Cer '59, PhD Cer '61, Candescent-retired
Charles Connors BS Cer '60, Magneco Metrel Incorporated
Russ Duttweiler BS Met '60, R&D Consulting
Martin Kopchak BS Met '73, MS Met '76, Caterpillar
Ken Kuna BS Cer '68, MS Cer '69, University of Detroit Mercy
Keith Meyer BS Met '80, Boeing
Doug Ruhmann BS Met '64, Boeing-retired
David Teter BS Met '90, PhD Met '96, Los Alamos National Lab
Sheryl Tipton BS Met '80, Caterpillar-retired