Our department of 24 faculty, 389 undergraduates, and 187 graduate students welcomes you. Established in 1867, we have a long tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service.


The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) at Illinois has over 3,000 alumni across the nation. MatSE alumni are a diverse group of individuals, working in industry, national laboratories, academia, medicine and many other careers. We welcome alumni to return to campus to talk to students about their careers and companies. For more information on setting up a visit, e-mail Cindy Brya, Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Development. She can also help you reconnect with former classmates.

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Senior Design Project - Contributing a senior design project that has direct relevance to your company’s needs can provide students with experiences that have potential for real-world impact and enrich our undergraduate curriculum.  Advising a group of students may be an excellent recruiting opportunity for your company.

MATSE Alumni Board - The Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Association, founded in 1992, was formed to foster the advancement of the MatSE Department, College of Engineering, University of Illinois and its Alumni Association. The MatSEAA Board meets twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Please contact one of the executive officers if you are interested in Board membership.

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